Lenovo 11 N22 Keyboard Key Replacement


Chromebook Key Replacement Kit
(Includes Key Cap, and Hinge Clip. The Parts Needed To Replace Your Keyboard Key.)


Lenovo 11 N22 Replacement Keys

These are replacement keys for Lenovo 11 N22 Chromebook keyboards. May be used to replace missing or broken keys.

Important note:
The key requires the metal mounts to be unbent and the rubber piece be intact. See the provided photo for reference.
This listing is for the bracket and the key cap only.

Please make sure your keyboard matches the one below before purchasing.

Depicted is the keyboard for the Lenovo 11 N22.

Additional information

Key Selection

A Key, B Key, C Key, D Key, E Key, F Key, G Key, H Key, I Key, J Key, K Key, L Key, M Key, N Key, O Key, P Key, Q Key, R Key, S Key, T Key, U Key, V Key, W Key, X Key, Y Key, Z Key, 1 Key, 2 Key, 3 Key, 4 Key, 5 Key, 6 Key, 7 Key, 8 Key, 9 Key, 0 Key, Esc Key, Back Key, Forward Key, Refresh Key, Full Screen Key, Next Screen Key, Brightness Lower Key, Brightness Higher Key, Mute Key, Volume Lower Key, Volume Higher Key, Power Key, ~ Tilde Key, – Minus Key, + Plus Key, Backspace Key, Tab Key, { [ Key, } ] Key, \ Key, Search Key, : ; Colon Key, " ' Quotation Key, Enter Key, Left Shift Key, Right Shift Key, < , Comma Key, > . Period Key, ? / Key, Left Ctrl Key, Right Ctrl Key, Left Alt Key, Right Alt Key, Spacebar Key, Up Arrow Key, Down Arrow Key, Left Arrow Key, Right Arrow Key